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In fact, our website is not about “us”, or about who we are… our website is about you. All our initiatives aim to support all professionals and students, from all areas involved with the science of obesity, and those who are somehow impacted daily by it around the world.


SBEMO is a multidisciplinary entity with the objective of bringing together professionals and students, from different segments, dedicated to the study, investigation, treatment and dissemination of data, information and knowledge related to the science of obesity and overweight, and with all aspects related to it, with relevance to society and the scientific community.

SBEMO is formed by physicians of all specialties, nutritionists, physical education teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, exercise physiologists, researchers, scientists, social workers, economists, amateur and professional athletes, teachers, industry professionals, technicians and physical trainers, coaches, and students interested in the science of obesity and overweight.


Whatever your perspective - clinical, scientific, social, economic, public, private or personal - you are daily living with a Worldwide Epidemic of Obesity that affects individuals, families, friends and neighbors, and countless communities and societies. That's why we are here. To serve. To support everyone involved in the science of obesity, helping all people daily impacted by obesity around the world.



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Rua General Liberato Bittencourt,

nº 1885 / Sala 901

(+55 48) 3307 2919

(+55 48) 99135-7951

08:30h às 17:30h

Florianópolis - SC, CEP 88070-800

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